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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our school and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to


Is church membership required?

No, we do not expect any of our students or their families to join the church as a requirement for admission purposes.


Is after-school care provided?

Yes, we have an after-school care program that does not close until 5:30.


Does this institution offer any educational enhancements?

Yes, we offer music, drama, chorus, spanish, and computer access.


What grade levels are offered?

We offer K5-8th grade level education.


What is the dress code?

Burgundy tops, navy bottoms, navy or black socks, black belt. Uniforms can be purchased at KMS Uniforms on Louisville.  However, there will be opportunities for the children to wear jeans and a school related t-shirt.


Will my religious beliefs affect my child's chances of being accepted?

No, Prevailing Faith Christian Academy does not discriminate against students of any race, religion, or ethnic origin.


Will there be any summer programs provided through this school?

Yes, we intend to offer summer programs in two seperate sessions. Contact us through e-mail or phone to find out more information.


Are nutritional lunches served?

Yes, we offer a nutritional lunch plan. Parents are more than welcome to provide their child(ren) with pre-made lunches.