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Prevailing Faith Christian Academy

Prevailing Faith Christian Academy has recognized the need for a high quality education, in a safe and caring environment.

Prevailing Faith Christian Academy does not discriminate against students of any race, religion, or ethnic origin.

We are a state approved school that strives daily for excellence in education. Our committed staff and curriculums offer the educational support that is needed in a child’s life to help him/her develop academically, morally, and physically.

We believe in keeping parents informed of their child(ren)'s progress and behavior. This is done systematically through progress reports, written correspondence, telephone conferences, face to face meetings, and the demerit system.

We believe that the students, parents, and school need to work together to provide the best education for the students.


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Our staff is dedicated and works hard at helping each student reach his/her potential. We strive to keep the school a place where students want to grow academically, feel secure in a loving environment, and to make friends.


Top 5 reasons why YOUR child should attend Prevailing Faith Christian Academy

1. The School Shares Your Values

2. Safety

3. Academic Achievement

4. Individual Attention

5. Success After Graduation